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J. Ramabbhadran
J. Ramabbhadran

J RAMABHADRAN born in Chennai in 1923 is the only son of TK Jagannathacharya

had his schooling and collegiate education. “JR” was his pet name. In Tamil “Ja Raa”

First in the family to wear white Kurta-that too woven Khadi-and Dhoti. Interestingly both TKJ and JR never used a chappal, such was their simplicity.

JR was fascinated with TKJ journalism, got attracted – and took over as Associate Editor of Dharmika Hindu.

JR had deviated from propagating Dharma and Hinduism, to politics. JR adopted to policies and programmes of free trade of C Rajagopalachari popularly known as RAJAJI- and joined Swatantra Party.

JR launched Chanakyan a Tamil Weekly for Swatantra Party in 1965. Tall leaders of Swatantra Party like Minoo Masani, N G Ranga, Gouthu Lachanna, Narayan Dandekar, JM Lobo Prabhu Maharani Gayatri Devi R N Singh Deo, Piloo Mody- used to share their thoughts in Chanakyan.

JR formed Rajaji Forum- similar to Saturday Study Circle, to meet regularly on each Saturday

Such was the simplicity of JR – rejected electoral politics refused to be MLA or MP.

JR preserved the cultural and religious values of TKJ. The first service was to have a Library of TKJ Book collections.

JR used to take notes at the closed-door meetings between C N Annadurai and Quaid-e Milleth in early 1966 and 1967. JR left his fingerprint in removing Congress Party from Power in Tamil Nadu in 1967 – JR passed away in 2009

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