Rahul Gandhi deputes Chandrababu Naidu to meet agitated MK Stalin


Nara Chandrababu Naidu Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and leader of Telugu Desam Party after meeting Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi last week, has assumed the role of a mediator between Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam DMK and Janata Dal Secular to resolve hinderances and also misunderstanding of policies of Congress.

Rahul Gandhi is believed to have hinted at to Chandrababu Naidu, certain issues concerning DMK and JDS. Why did Rahul Gandhi select Chandrababu Naidu in the place of Sitaram Yechuri who was coordinating with southern political parties on behalf of Rahul Gandhi It was Sitaram Yechury’s brain child that Mahagadbandhan formation.

Earlier between DMK and Congress it was Sitaram Yechuri CPM leader who was mediating. But due to Rahul Gandhi adopting soft Hindutva politics Temple hopping, wearing saffron color dhoti to worship, these aspects terrify left parties secular credentials. Sitaram Yechri has reservations on Congress cloning BJP on Hindutva. Can Rahul Gandhi visit temples in Tamil Nadu and in Andhra Pradesh as he had done in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka. DMK will lose its
minorities votes. Insiders describe that how Muslims and Christians have apprehensions about the credibility of Congress stance on Secularism.

Most crucial aspect is that CPM repeatedly pointing out that Rahul Gandhi
wants to get closer to upper caste in Hindi belt, that is not acceptable
to CPM. Till now Left front was opposing land lordism, oppression against
downtrodden. This sudden shift of Rahul Gandhi to adopt pro upper casteism
in MadhyaPradesh, alienated Mayawati. CPM leader Sitaram Yechuri complained
to Sonia Gandhi about the sudden shifts of Congress. But none could control
Rahul Gandhi including seniors. This is also an irritation between
Rahul and MK Stalin. DMK is a party with minorities base in Tamil Nadu.
It was DMK and ADMK brought 69 per cent reservations for downtrodden.
In 2019 how can DMK shifts its basic policy of pro poor image to suit
conveniences of upper castes in Tamil Nadu which are the vote bank of

The second most important issue which haunts Congress is seats allocations.
Congress expects moon from regional parties. Especially from DMK Congress
expects 12 to 15 seats. Which DMK is not prepared to listen. DMK has put
a cap of 5 seats only for Congress in Tamil nadu. That is the reason Rahul
Gandhi began to have different calculations to align with Kamal Hassan
and Viduthalai Pulikal Panthers Party. Rahul Gandhi directly talking
to Kamal and DMK adversaries do irritate DMK Chef MK Stalin.

Chandrababu Naidu understood the
reservations of DMK leader MK Stalin to allot more than five Lok Sabha seats
for Congress in Tamil Nadu. There are total 39 Parliamentary constituencies in Tamil Nadu.
DMK has a winnability in atleast 25 Lok Sabha seats. DMK does not want to repeat
2016 formula in 2019 where Congress could not find candidates for Tamil Nadu assemblies seats.
DMK ran short of 8 seats to form Government after Congress numbers are added in 2016.
But Congress lost in 20 assemblies seats

Sitaram Yechuri who was close to Sonia Gandhi was much closer to Rahul Gandhi also. But
after the temple hopping, it was sitaram kesari who distanced from such acts.
Yechury wanted to adorn the role of Sardar Harkishen Singh Surjeet to bring all
political parties against BJP. For 2019 polls. After Karnataka assembly elections
and last week Congress JDS winning in Karnataka have really boosted the image of
secular front. Senior Congress leaders also in private confide that policy shift of
Congress from Secular outlook to soft Hindutva approach has certainly made a dent.

Much more to it, regional parties are yet to get confidence in Rahul Gandhi as a vote
catcher, compared to their parties vote banks. Can Rahul Gandhi add votes to their parties?
Abrupt and sudden disapperances of Rahul Gandhi from campaign trail such as Madhya Pradesh
and Rajasthan,That Rahul Gandhi left for unknown destination to celebrate Deepavali.
Is Rahul Gandhi in London or in Bangkok? Why does Rahul not share his personal visits
to senior leaders of Congress. These are the hitches that Sitaram Yechuri faced
and such crucial issues have since been transferred to Nara Chandrababu Naidu
That is why TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu is hopping betweem Amaravati-Bengalurur
and Chennai. to meet JDS and DMK leaders.

Will Chandrababu Naidu succeed? Or gets dejected like another
Telugu bidda Sitaram Yechury.